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At the event earlier this month, she broke down in tears telling the crowd her story, saying she wanted to forgive her famous exes for tearing her down before confessing: “It still hurts. It still fucking hurts.” And now she’s publishing her manifesto: a self-help guide called , 256 pages of memoir and motivational stem-winding for Rose-minded aspirants. “I love smoking.” This is the first of maybe a hundred times I’ll hear her say she doesn’t give a fuck, or has stopped giving a fuck. Rose is one of the few women in history who was meant to walk the earth with her head shaved.

It includes the tale of how she came to shave her head at age 18, which she recounts as an act of defiant courage that altered the course of her life.“I have my own house. (The only others I can come up with are Grace Jones and Amber Rose’s mom.) She has an unearthly glow—that tanning bed—and a laser-like gaze that somehow pierces her ever-present sunglasses.

Rose was in the audience watching in proud exasperation as West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech, and she was along for the disastrous media tour that followed.

She was by his side as he went into self-imposed exile from the press.

If you’ve never seen it, I recommend blocking out some time before you Google it, because you will lose the next hour down a rabbit hole of Kanye-Amber image searching.

One day, a decade or so from now, Sebastian will happen upon the head-licking photo and be really spooked by it.

It's been more than a decade since Justin Timberlake, 34, ended the his famous relationship with fellow Mickey Mouse Club member, Britney Spears, 33, but it's one that the public are unwilling to forget.

Since splitting, Fergie has married 42-year-old actor Josh Duhamel and the couple share one son, while Timberlake married Jessica Biel in 2012 and the pair welcomed their first child in April this year.Shia La Beouf is a Daytime Emmy Award nominated actor and comedian. He was born on June 11, 1986 in Los Angeles, California.He is most recognized for his role as Louis Stevens on Even Stevens.Both Nas and French Montana used to live here, Rose says. “Hey Sebastian, what’s the new word we learned this week? “Con-ver-sate,” says Sebastian, whose father is the rapper and stoner king Wiz Khalifa.Khalifa and Rose are in the middle of a messy divorce, but Rose, 32, still has a massive tattoo of his shit-eating grin on the back of her left arm.After years of living as hip-hop arm candy and clickbait fetish object, she’s emerged, defiantly single-ish and eager to spread her womanly gospel.

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