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Semi-pro golf, college football Division 1, and now disc golf professionally.

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Chaos and hate the order of the day, as the lawless ones march us towards a police state and a New World Order. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one.

While the real terrorists are allowed to roam free, we will be the ones imprisoned.

rally was planned months in advance, proper permits were sought and granted, and the peaceful protest was going to plan. A federal judge ordered that the rally must go on and the rally-goers Constitutional rights be protected. The Democrat mayor and police department ordered the rally an “unlawful assembly,” and threatened to arrest everybody – once again, violating 1st and 9th amendment rights. George Soros’s Antifa stepped up to the plate, unleashing chaos and hate as per their job description.

Then, due to political pressure from the left, the city of Charlottesville rescinded the permit a few days before the rally. WR8/status/896548572795109376 The mainstream media is spreading lies and deceit to further the false flag, and attempting to deflect from their transparent agenda by railing angrily against President Trump for failing to say exactly what they want him to say (despite the fact Obama did not disavow Black Lives Matter after they destroyed Ferguson and Baltimore).

What is a large and powerful company to do when it no longer wishes to pay the licensing fees for the technology it is selling? Constitution's war powers and the constitutionally prescribed processes for making foreign policy. had its Edsel, Samsung had its Galaxy Note 7, and Pershing Square hedge fund manager William Ackman has his $1 billion short bet against Herbalife Nutrition. Ackman should take a lesson from the Prodigal Son and ask forgiveness.

In the case of Comcast, the answer is simple - just steal the technology and ignore the law. Since at least the 1950 Korean War, Congress has meekly surrendered them to the president despite the disastrous results. For half a century after the Second World War, the ever-present realization was that should the U.

haha I am now a full time student so juggling disc golf, camming, and school will be difficult but i am going to try.

I sell personalized videos for 1k-2k credits and the length of them is normally 15-20 mins.

twitter is @justindulgexxx I am a very open and outgoing guy. I love being outdoors and since I play professional disc golf it works well for me.

I have been playing sports since i was like 5 years old.

Tips are greatly appreciated because it is hard to survive when you play a sport that doesn't pay much and you are a full time student.

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